You Can Fly From Halifax To Toronto For Only $48 During Lynx Air’s Massive Seat Sale

Lynx Air is having a seat sale and you can fly from Halifax to Toronto for as little as $48.

There is so much to do in Toronto from watching the Maple Leafs in-person, to visiting museums, enjoying fancy dining and so much more.

The airline started flying out of Halifax at the end of June and has become known for the affordable travel options they offer Canadians.

The $48 promotion out of Halifax is currently available on select dates in January and February and for a limited of number of seats. At time of publication they are still available.

They also have flights available in November and December from Halifax to Toronto for as little as $59.

You are permitted to bring one personal item on the flight. Items such as purses, laptop bags, briefcases, small backpacks, tote bags are acceptable. There is a fee for taking carry-on and checked bags.

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