Woman Tracks Lost Luggage With AirTags: Shocked Air Canada Donated It To Charity

Nakita Rees and her husband got home from their honeymoon in Greece, but her husband’s luggage didn’t come down the belt in Toronto’s airport and a shocking adventure began.

They used Apple AirTags attached to his luggage to track the belongings and were stunned to find out that Air Canada had allegedly donated the suitcase to charity.

@nakitarees2 @aircanada you have some SERIOUS explaining to do here. #lostluggageissues #lostluggagereport #montrealairport #aircanadasucks #aircanada ♬ original sound – nakitarees

When they arrived back in Canada they had to recheck their bags in Montreal and when one didn’t arrive in Toronto they filled out the lost baggage forms and checked in on their AirTag that showed the bag in Montreal.

Later, according to Rees, their AirTags showed the bag being transported from Montreal to Etobicoke. They assumed it was heading for a storage facility for delivery to them.

They claimed their bag sat in a storage facility for three months and eventually they had enough. By now, Air Canada had compensated them a quarter of the value of their lost belongings.

@nakitarees2 #greenscreen a little update into the “what happened to my luggage” series 🤣 @Air Canada you have an explanation for this!? #lostluggage #lostluggagereport #lostluggageissues #appleairtag @apple ♬ original sound – nakitarees

They went to the storage facility and peered through the windows with a flashlight and it was piled high with luggage.

They called the police and were shocked to find out what had happened. Their luggage had been donated to charity.

“Our luggage was donated to a charity on behalf of Air Canada because they deemed it lost even though we were tracking our luggage for the last four months,” said Rees in a TikTok video.

@nakitarees2 @Air Canada wrongfully donated my luggage after less then 30 days to a charity WITHOUT my knowledge of consent. You do not own this property and therefore can not donate it. @cp24breakingnews @ctvnews @Celine Dion #lostluggageissues #lostluggagereport #aircanadaairlines ♬ original sound – nakitarees

According to her videos on TikTok, she says police found over 500 pieces of luggage in the facility. Many allegedly containing laptops, iPhones, iPads, and AirTags.

In her latest video, Rees says police have taken possession of luggage and are deciding what needs to be done with it.

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