Two Nova Scotia Communities Make Top Friendliest In Canada

Halifax has been ranked #2 by Big 7 Travel on their list Canada’s top 25 friendliest cities! The only city coming in ahead was Vancouver. Not far behind was Dartmouth, ranked at #14.

Big 7 Travel says of Halifax, “Locals here have all the bubbling charm of a major city but with a softer and friendlier attitude. It has a cosmopolitan vibe with a large community of locals and expat residents who make the city welcoming for all.”

It also ads, “Its large city buzz is boosted with small town vibes from locals, who will welcome you with open arms.”

About Dartmouth they say, “Nova Scotia’s City of Lakes, Dartmouth is just across the harbour from Halifax, so there’s a similar buzz yet more of a local feel. The entire place is full of vibrant, forward-looking communities filled with engaged and friendly people.”

There is so much to see and do in these two fine cities, so get out and explore your backyard.  Why travel elsewhere in Canada, when we have the best here?

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