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This Nova Scotia Girl Is Going Viral For Her Dances At Popular Landmarks

Amanda Halliday is dancing up a storm in front of landmarks in her home community.

Amanda Halliday, known as ScotianMotion has some good moves. She has been making online videos for sometime, but in the fall of 2020, the single mother decided to get serious about her past time and chose to promote positivity through her TikTok account.

Halliday, who is 39, lives in the Digby area works as a server. Nova Scotia Buzz caught up with Amanda to learn about her videos and a bit more about ScotianMotion.

“The pandemic effected me mentally because I didn’t know when I would be returning to work and I am a very social person who loves to travel.” said Halliday. “Through TikTok I was able to minimize my anxiety as well as promote positivity and the beautiful province I call home.”

Amanda Halliday dancing on TikTok at the Point Prim, NS lighthouse.

There is a specific song that her followers request her to dance to at different locations. It is the country song, One Of Them Girls, by Lee Brice. “I thought it would be fun to get my followers to tell me where they would like to see me next, they really loved it.” Halliday said. “Everyday they would see where I was in my community.”


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♬ One Of Them Girls – Lee Brice

Halliday’s favourite area of the province is the south shore of Nova Scotia. She enjoys the waterfronts and the beaches.

You can follow her on TikTok, @ScotianMotion, and see which landmark she’s dancing at next. She is hoping to hit 40,000 followers by August.

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