This Halifax DJ Couldn’t Justify A $50 Cab Ride To The The Airport – So He Says He Walked

Halifax radio disc jockey, DJ Blitz, is a favourite on Nova Scotia TikTok feeds. The come from away DJ has shared many unique experiences since his arrival in Nova Scotia’s capital.

The most recent experience he shared with his followers, is claiming to have walked to the Halifax Airport. In the online post he’s walks down a street at night, and has suitcase in tow.

@djblitzwpg $50?!! Yea right #halifax #djblitz ♬ original sound – Sully

“I just can’t justify a $50 cab ride to the Halifax airport, so you know what, I’m walking.” says DJ Blitz. “Got my luggage with me, boarding is in six hours, I’ll get there eventually. Fifty bucks!!!”

Now to be clear, it’s much closer to $70 from Downtown Halifax to the Halifax airport, but DJ Blitz, according to his posts is a resident of Lower Sackville and Casino Taxi confirms it’s about $50 from Lower Sackville to the airport.

If you are looking for a cheaper form of transportation to the airport, like DJ Blitz could have used, you can take Halifax Transit’s airport shuttle from Scotia Square at Albemarle Street, off Duke. The airport shuttle also departs Dartmouth’s transit terminal at the Bridge, or Fall River’s terminal. It costs only $4.25 and exact change is required. The shuttle also does a return run to Halifax in case you are flying in. This is the latest schedule from Halifax Transit as of publication.

Maybe in the future, you will catch DJ Blitz on the bus.

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