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Ski Cape Smokey In Cape Breton To Install Gondola

The New York developer who purchased Ski Cape Smokey has some big plans for the destination. Joseph Balaz has a plan to turn Cape Smokey into a year round destination and that includes installing Atlantic Canada’s first gondola in 2021 and a $12 million tree walk.

Balaz’s plan is to make Cape Smokey a year round destination for those visiting the Cabot Trail. It’s an ambitious plan that could create one of the most popular tourist attractions in Cape Breton employing 300 people.

The plan was originally announced in August 2019, but we hadn’t heard much about it since. Today in an Instagram post Ski Cape Smokey confirmed that the plan is still underway.

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The first surface lift was invented in 1908 but the first skier-specific tow installed in North America didn't come until 1933 in Montreal! Canada's first gondola didn't come until 1959 in Banff, and we still don't have one in Atlantic Canada… yet. 2021: Atlantic Canada's first and only gondola.👌🏂⛷

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Ski Cape Smokey is Nova Scotia’s highest ski hill with an elevation of 320m. In recent years their chair lift fell into disrepair leaving skiers and snowboarders only with a shorter ground lift and some of the hill inaccessible. The new gondola would restore access to the entire hill.

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