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Just Announced: Electric Fast-Ferries To Shuttle Passengers From Bedford To Halifax

The Halifax area is set to embrace a significant advancement in sustainable transportation with the Mill Cove Ferry Service, a new high-speed, environmentally friendly ferry service connecting Bedford to downtown Halifax.

This initiative, a collaborative investment by the Province, the federal government, and the Halifax Regional Municipality, plans to introduce five electric high-speed ferries and construct two net-zero terminals by the 2027-28 fiscal year. The significant backing from the federal government, with a substantial investment of $155.7 million, underscores its commitment to supporting innovative, eco-friendly transportation solutions. These electric ferries are a key component of the project, promising passengers and operators a quieter, pollution-free travel experience, aligning with Nova Scotia’s ambitious climate change plan for clean growth.

In addition to environmental benefits, the project enhances accessibility and connectivity for the community. A bridge will be built over the CN rail line in Bedford, facilitating seamless access to the Mill Cove terminal for buses, cars, pedestrians, and cyclists, thanks to the provision of land by Build Nova Scotia. This strategic development is part of a broader effort led by the Joint Regional Transportation Agency, focusing on the safe, efficient, and coordinated movement of people and goods, aiming to make sustainable transportation competitive with personal vehicles.

The total investment in this project, including $65 million from the Province and over $38 million from the Halifax Regional Municipality, reflects a strong commitment to enhancing the region’s transportation infrastructure while addressing climate goals. With the support of Lena Metlege Diab, Member of Parliament for Halifax West, and Halifax Mayor Mike Savage, the Mill Cove Ferry Service is poised to not only alleviate traffic congestion but also promote continuous growth around the terminals, establishing them as vibrant community hubs.

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