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Halifax Transit To Be Significantly Impacted Friday

The following is a release from The Halifax Regional Municipality regarding Halifax Transit and COVID-19.

The Halifax Regional Municipality continues to monitor and respond to the rapidly evolving effects of COVID-19.

Based on current staff availability, Halifax Transit anticipates that conventional bus service will be significantly impacted at the start of service tomorrow, March 27.

Riders should expect route delays and/or cancellations and are asked to make alternate plans if possible.

Halifax Transit will make every effort to share route disruptions as timely as possible via our website and @hfxtransit on Twitter.

All ferry service will continue as scheduled.

Unimpacted routes, as well as ferry service will continue to operate on a reduced schedule.

Last night, Halifax Transit was advised that a staff member working in the Burnside Maintenance Department has tested positive for COVID-19.

Based on an assessment of the circumstances, Public Health has indicated there is no additional risk to transit riders or the general public.

The following steps were taken immediately:

  • All maintenance staff on the evening shift were sent home.
  • The Burnside Maintenance Department workspace was disinfected, with a particular focus on high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs, work surfaces, tools, etc.
  • Maintenance staff scheduled to work this morning were advised to not report for their shift.
  • Adjustments are being made in the shared work areas in the maintenance department to ensure safe social distancing is made easier for staff (e.g. spacing tables and chairs in lunchroom).

Halifax Transit has been in contact with Public Health and continues to take direction regarding all the necessary steps required to safeguard the health of our employees.

Public Health has been in contact with the individual who has tested positive for COVID-19 and identified anyone with whom the individual has been in close contact.

Anyone who has been identified by Public Health, as being in close contact with the individual who has tested positive has been contacted. Direction will be given to self-isolate and testing for COVID-19 will occur.

Public Health has advised that the Burnside Maintenance Depot can remain operational and staff who have not been contacted by Public Health can report to work at the direction of Halifax Transit.

Buses and ferries will continue to operate on a reduced schedule.

For more information on municipal services during the COVID-19 pandemic, visit

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