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Evangeline, The Upper Clements Park Train Has Found A New Home – It’s Super Close And Opening This Summer

Trevor MacDonald had hoped to keep a piece of Nova Scotia nostalgia close to home and it doesn’t get much closer than this.

MacDonald purchased Evangeline, Upper Clements Park’s train, and its cars from The Municipality of the County of Annapolis. The Municipality had looked for bidders after acquiring the Park and its rides.

Upper Clements Park, Upper Clements, NS (Facebook)

“I wanted to see the train relocated to a new home.” MacDonald told Nova Scotia Buzz. “So, we made an offer to purchase the train in 2021 from the County.”

The train will be moving to Aulac, New Brunswick, literally, right across the border from Nova Scotia. Trueman Blueberry Farms is the new owner according to the Farm’s post on Facebook.

“We will be working hard to restore this iconic train to her former beauty and hope to have her running again by mid summer.” said Trueman Blueberry Farms on social media.

A short hop across the border could mean enjoying a ride through a working farm on a train you may have been on as a kid or with your family.

The train was built by Severn Lamb of England. They are known for their high-end resort transportation at parks like Disney World. Severn Lamb confirmed the train was built in 1989 specifically for Upper Clements Park. Replacement cost to have the train built today is over $900,000.

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