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CAT Ferry Running Well Under Capacity Since Its Return To Yarmouth – Numbers Released

The CAT ferry returned to service on May 19, 2022 and has been running far under capacity since its return. The highspeed ferry between the Town of Yarmouth and Bar Harbour, Maine has a capacity of 866 passengers and 200 cars.

Today the province released the passenger and vehicle numbers to date this season.

Passenger Numbers

“Our government feels very strongly that Bay Ferries owes it to Nova Scotians to be fully transparent about how the service is performing.” said Kim Maitland, Public Works Minister. “We have requested that the operator provide daily updates on its website going forward, but the operator has declined. This is why we are providing these numbers directly today. If Bay Ferries will not be fully transparent, we certainly will be.”

The previous three seasons when the ferry didn’t run, the province paid Bay Ferries $1.17 million per year despite the ferry being docked. The Nova Scotia Government also paid $8.5 million to renovate the Bar Hourbour’s Ferry Terminal during this time.

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