A Blow To Tourism: Halifax and Sydney Likely To See Zero Cruise Ships This Season

Cruise ships on the Sydney and Halifax waterfronts.

The Port of Halifax had their annual general meeting yesterday and we found out more information on the province’s cruise ship season. Halifax isn’t planning on any ships docking in port this year.

“Our expectation and our budgeting is working on the fact that we won’t see a return of cruise [ships] in 2020,” said Captain Allan Gray, the port’s president and CEO.

The vast majority of the ships that visit the Sydney, Cape Breton waterfront, come through Halifax. The outlook for both cities is bleak.

Last year, the Port of Halifax saw 323,709 passengers explore the city and Sydney saw 153,797.

The Federal Government and Transport Canada has officially only forbidden visits until July 1 and about 50 percent of scheduled cruises to the Port of Halifax have been cancelled. 

The cruise ship bans in other countries and the industry’s hesitation on putting ships back onto the seas likely means little cruising will be happening.

The Port of Halifax expects it to be two to three years before things return to pre-COVID-19 levels.

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