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What Downtown Dartmouth Pub Are You?

Take the quiz and we’ll tell you what Downtown Dartmouth pub you should visit!

  • Question of

    You know every word to Barrett’s Privateers.

    • I sign it at the top of my lungs!
    • I know the chorus!
    • I can’t stand this song
    • Barrett who?
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    You enjoy a good game of pinball.

    • I love arcade games.
    • After a couple of beer.
    • I’ve never played pinball.
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    You like a variety of craft beer choices.

    • I’m always trying new beers.
    • I enjoy mainstream beers like Keith’s.
    • I don’t drink beer.
  • Question of

    You enjoy an intimate acoustic music performance.

    • This is totally me!
    • I’m a get up and dance kind of person.
    • I’d rather talk with friends than listen to music.
  • Question of

    What would you rather eat?

    • Wings
    • Pizza
    • Pie
    • Fish & Chips
    • Burger
  • Question of

    What is your go to beverage?

    • I don’t drink alcohol
    • Beer
    • Cider
    • Wine
    • Liquor
  • Question of

    What’s on your t-shirt?

    • New Scotland Clothing Co.
    • East Coast Lifestyle
    • New Scotland Yard
    • I Love Dartmouth
    • Lake City Cider
    • Dartmouth Is Pretty Nice
    • Jack Daniels
    • Super Mario
  • Question of

    Pick the best song

    • The Night Patty Murphy Died – Great Big Sea
    • American Pie – Don McLean
    • Paradise City – Guns N Roses
    • Through & Through & Through – Joel Plaskett
    • The Mull River Shuffle – The Rankin Family
    • Queen of Portland Street – Matt Mays
    • Telephones – Mo Kenney
    • City of Lakes – Matt Mays
  • Question of

    What are you doing when you’re not visiting Downtown Dartmouth?

    • Shopping at farmer’s markets
    • Playing retro video games
    • Hanging with the girls
    • Planning my night out
    • Listening to a vinyl album
    • Eating Humble Pies
    • Wishing I was on a patio enjoying summer
    • Ordering take out

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Matt Mays Album Clover

Matt Mays – Acoustic Album