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The East Coast Song Lyric Quiz

If one thing is true about Atlantic Canada, we’re a musical bunch. From Nova Scotia’s Rankin Family, to PEI’s Lennie Gallant and Newfoundland’s Great Big Sea, to the crowd singing Barrett’s Privateer’s along with Signal Hill at The Lower Deck.

We’ve put together a few of our favourite songs and are asking you to fill in the lyrics.  How well do you know these songs?

  • Question of

    “Oh, the year was _______? How I wish I was in Sherbrooke now…” – Stan Rogers

    • 1778
    • 1978
    • 1878
    • 1678
  • Question of

    “I’ve got a smile on my face and I’ve got _____ walls around me.” – Great Big Sea

    • Small
    • Tall
    • Four
    • Eight
  • Question of

    “Come get your ______ in order ‘cuz we’re bound to cross the water” – The Fables

    • Duds
    • Milk duds
    • Ducks
    • Boys
  • Question of

    “Look up yonder it’s old _______, he’s having a few he can hardly see, wrapped his buggy around a tree, someone call the Mounties” – The Rankin Family

    • MacNeil
    • MacPherson
    • MacPhee
    • MacDonald
  • Question of

    “And at the end of the day I will return to the _________. Where the real people roam close to where all the real waves break” – Matt Mays

    • The City of Lights
    • The City of Love
    • The City of Mistakes
    • The City of Lakes
  • Question of

    “I’m the _______ Wall, I’m a communist. You’re a _________ ball in a summer dress.” – Joel Plaskett

    • Great, cannon
    • Gyprock, snow
    • Berlin, wrecking
    • Concrete, beach
  • Question of

    Oh have you seen my ______? Seen my _____… seen my _____? – Wintersleep

    • Coat
    • Ghost
    • Goat
    • Boat
  • Question of

    All ______ seemed inclined for a rest, but still there was no rest for me. – Every Maritime Band

    • Nature
    • Places
    • People
    • Faces
  • Question of

    The piper’s paid and now it’s time to go, _____ ‘n’ roll…. _____ ‘n’ roll – Rawlin’s Cross

    • Stop, drop
    • Rock
    • Reel
    • Sail
  • Question of

    “Sonny’s dreams can’t be real, they’re just stories he’s read They’re just stars in his eyes, ___________. And he’s hungry inside for the wide world outside And I know I can’t hold him though I’ve tried and I’ve tried and I’ve tried.” – Ron Hynes

    • They`re just dreams in his head
    • They`re just things that he said
    • They`re just things in his head.
    • They`re just people that he’s met

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