Daylight Savings Time – Hot or Not?

Historic Clock Tower in Halifax. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

It’s that time of year, daylight gets shorter and for one night of the year university students party longer because the pubs stay open for an extra hour.  It’s the end of daylight savings time and we’re asking you if it’s hot, or not!

It ends this weekend on Sunday at 2am, so turn your clocks back to 1am at that time.

One hundred years ago, the residents of Amherst, Nova Scotia had their sights set on the “capitalist plot” of daylight savings time while they held a three week strike to protest their working hours.

Their demand was to reduce the work day from 10 to 9 hours for the same amount of pay. They had their sights set on the plot of daylight savings because their employers time was controlled by the government and their work was controlled by their employers.

Daylight savings began under the direction of Canada’s Government in 1918, but due to a large portion of Canadians being against the idea, the following year they left it up to cities to decide if they would observe daylight savings. Needless to say in 1919, Amherst Nova Scotia was one of the many towns not observe daylight savings time.

So… here are today observing this old tradition again! Daylight savings time… hot or not…

  • Daylight Savings Time – Hot or Not?

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