SOCIABLE! – Signal Hill’s Live Sunday Night Specials Are Just Like Being At Halifax’s Famous Lower Deck Pub

Signal Hill performs live on Facebook Sunday nights during COVID-19.

Signal Hill, Halifax’s favourite Maritime band, performs every Sunday night at 9:30pm AST live on Facebook and you can tune in! They are doing this during the COVID-19 pandemic and it’s a ton of fun. There are even a few “SOCIABLES!” along the way! The show is almost like being at The Lower Deck on a Sunday night with Signal Hill on stage.

The band has been performing in some form live online for the last nine weeks now. It started with the band’s lead signer Jason Campbell performing in his music room and has slowly evolved into band members Jason Meadus and Terry Chaplin playing on Campbell’s patio.

They have an amazing set-up and neighbours have been social distance dancing in the yard. Their set lists have foot stompin’ tunes like Country Roads, The Mullriver Shuffle, Sweet City Woman, Brown Eyed Girl,plus a bunch of other Maritime songs. You can watch last Sunday’s performance below!

Foodbanks Canada is the recipient of donations from viewers. To date Signal Hill has raised $3,907 for this worthy cause. Before COVID-19, food banks across Canada saw over one million visits to food banks each month. Since the crisis began, more people are turning to food banks to keep food on the table – many for the first time.

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