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Do You Remember This Epic Holiday Commercial?

Remember being a young kid during the Christmas holidays? Going to MicMac Mall to visit Woody the talking Christmas tree? Telling Santa what you want for Christmas while your younger brother was terrified to be sitting on his lap?

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Mini Woody The Christmas Tree 🎄 picked up this pin @trainyardstore made by @dartmouthclothing @mymicmac I remember visiting him at the mall as a kid! #dartmouth #christmastree #enamelpin #localartist #novascotia #memories #woodythechristmastree

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There are some things that will forever be etched in our memories. One of them from days gone by is the Sobeys Star of Christmas television commercial.  You know the one, “Days of Christmas now are here, everyone is full of cheer…” For many, the holidays didn’t begin until the ad came on TV.

It was filmed in the fall of 1987 and at its peak, it ran 9 times per night on local TV ingraining it into our culture and minds. It was composed by Bob Quinn who composed music for Sobeys for 14 years. The choir that sang on the commercial was from Saint Agnes School in Halifax and the choir scenes were shot at Queen Elizabeth High School in Halifax. The Sobeys featured in the commercial is still located on Windsor Street in Halifax.

It’s so popular and reminiscent of good memories that people still sing it today as Christmas nears, in the car heading to the mall to do Christmas shopping or at holiday gatherings with friends, like this group!

We want to see and hear your cover of Star of Christmas. Gather your group of friends together and create your cover. Upload your videos and tag the post with #NSBUZZ to be featured. You probably know the words, but in case you don’t, here they are along with the sheet music and chords.

In 2016, Sobeys remade the commercial and actually had some of the original choir members and their conductor return.  Once again the words were sung on our television’s bringing back the memories of days gone past.

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