Do I Have The COVID Virus? Trio Creates Epic Music Video

Are you at home looking for a laugh in these uncertain times?

Nova Scotian, Jason Grant, posted this music video on YouTube and said, “These are alarming times. I work in a university, in an extracurricular setting, developing innovative competencies in students. We consider communication, collaboration, creativity and problem-solving to be the pillars of our programming.”

“I find myself (early in this curve) needing to take time to develop strategies to be my most responsible self in performing civic duties during this pandemic. And I find myself thinking of many of our domestic and international students who cannot be at home with their families, I think of the elderly who need support, and I think of myself and others and the absolute necessity we have toward solidarity.”

“The news has been overwhelming and, as the process develops, it occurs to me that we need some humour to balance the severity of the situation. With this and the above mentioned pillars in mind I went to Murdo’s house to write new words to one of Canada’s classic songs (at once uplifting, fun, and clear), “If I Had a Million Dollars” by the Barenaked Ladies, in the hopes that we might get people to laugh, to reflect on those in need, and to provide some crucial information.”

“During the time of filming, Nova Scotia had no confirmed cases of COVID-19, and, as you can see, we were pretty decent with the social distancing.”

Performing (left to right): Murdo Messer – vocals and unconventional percussion; Jason Grant – vocals and beat-up guitar; John Killawee – harmonies and keyboard.

What do you think?

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