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Best Cape Breton Christmas Song Of All Time

Today it’s tradition to send a Snapchat or post an Instagram Story when you pass under the arch that reads “Welcome To Cape Breton” as you cross the Canso Causeway into God’s country. You probably have the Rankin Family playing in the background as you cross too.

This might be one of the most forgotten Cape Breton Christmas songs. Growing up as a kid, before today’s tech, we played this song by General John Cabot Trail on our ghetto blaster as we crossed at Christmas because we didn’t have a tape deck in the car.

Cape Breton comedian Dave Harley took the role of General John Cabot Trail in the 1980’s.  Hailing from Sydney Mines he was best known for his saying “Down With The Causeway” calling for the separation of Cape Breton from Nova Scotia.

Harley preformed with the CBC’s Royal Canadian Air Farce, appeared at the Halifax Comedy Festival and many taverns across the Maritimes.

The General passed away in 2012 from cancer.

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