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Zellers Is About To Re-Launch In Canada And Their Website Says They’re Stocking Up

More than a new year is being celebrated in Canada. The arrival of 2023 means the return of the iconic Canadian retailer Zellers.

News of the relaunch of Zellers by HBC was warmly welcomed by Canadians upon announcement last year. has been updated with a teaser showing an animated winking “Zeddy” teddy bear saying coming early 2023 and the message, “BRB, we’re stocking up…”


Starting off, Zellers will return as an e-commerce store, but then throughout 2023 the plan is to expand sections inside select Hudson’s Bay stores across Canada.

“We know how special Zellers is in the hearts and minds of people in Canada. “Where the lowest price is the law” was a calling card, which has helped Zellers establish itself as more than a retail destination, but a place to build and support community,” says Adam Powell, Chief Business Officer, Zellers. “Zellers is a brand deeply rooted in the Canadian experience. Spanning generations, people hold distinct connections to Zellers through shared experiences with family and friends, and we look forward to building on that in the future.”

Nova Scotia has two Hudson’s Bay locations. One is located in Mic Mac Mall in Dartmouth, the other in The Mayflower Mall in Sydney. There is no word yet which stores will be chosen to house Zellers.

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