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You Thought Halifax’s Cost Of Living Was High, Think Again – See Where It Ranks

Everyday purchases and larger expense like rent add up. You hear about the cost-of-living a lot and it isn’t a pretty picture these days.

There is a great resource online that outlines the price of everyday goods, services and housing in major cities across the world. It even allows you to compare city to city if you were thinking about relocating if your current living situation is unbearable.

We checked to see where Halifax ranks and it turns out, Haligonians might not have it as bad as they think.

Halifax ranks third lowest for capital regions in Canada according to Expatisan. Halifax sits in the middle of the pack when you include the whole country.

A family of four living in Halifax will have estimated monthly costs of $4,624. A single person will have living expenses of $2,339.

According to Expatisan, which bills it self as the original source for international cost-of-living comparisons, the cost-of-living in Halifax is cheaper than 91% of cities in North America.

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Although, this data might make Halifax look appealing, it’s important to remember that at this moment our capital city has a housing crisis. Halifax’s vacancy rate sits at 1%. There is very little affordable housing available, especially for those who are barely earning the cost-of-living.

To check out more stats and to view the average costs of goods and services in Halifax and any other major city, visit Expatisan.

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