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VIDEO: UFC Champ Georges St-Pierre Went For Chilly Dip In Halifax Harbour And People Are Concerned

Former UFC Champion Georges St-Pierre has come and gone from the UFC scene but the Quebecer is fondly remembered by fans, especially Canadians. In 2017 he claimed the UFC Middle Weight Championship at Madison Square Garden becoming a multi-division champion.

It’s a dip in Halifax Harbour that has fans concerned. The UFC Champ was in Halifax for The Canadian Progress Club’s Charity Sports Dinner. It is an annual fundraiser for Special Olympics and other local sport charities.

VIDEO: GSP goes for a dip in Halifax Harbour

@georgesstpierre Take my morning ice bath. I hope I don't turn into the radioactive man 😂 #fyp #lifestyle ♬ son original – Georges St-Pierre

“GSP can beat the harbour radioactive water too!” was one comment. “Born and raised in Halifax. Wouldn’t catch me in the harbour!” was another. The comments continue, “Guess no one told him.”

Georges St-Pierre even commented “I hope I don’t turn into radioactive man.”

How clean is Halifax Harbour? Halifax Water operates seasonal disinfection throughout the spring, summer and fall periods. It doesn’t begin until May and concludes at the end of October. This process helps disinfect wastewater during the final stage of wastewater treatment at facilities in Dartmouth, Halifax, Herring Cove & Eastern Passage. This involves using high-intensity Ultraviolet (UV) lights, and it kills bacteria.

“Halifax Harbour is not sampled for recreational use except when HRM has a designated beach.” said Jake Fulton, External Communications & Public Relations Advisor for Halifax Water. “It is an enormously large body of water, and various factors, including shipping, industrial activity, etc., can impact its quality.”

Halifax previously operated and supervised swimming at Black Rock Beach in Point Pleasant Park and The Dingle Beach on the Northwest Arm. In recent years, these beaches have not been officially operated and have gone unsupervised.

Hopefully, the Champ had a shower after his chilly dip.

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