Tropical Storm Erin To Take Aim at Nova Scotia

Environment Canada has issued a Tropical Cyclone Information Statement for Nova Scotia.  It states Tropical Storm Erin is expected to form later today and take aim at our province. She’s expected to bring heavy rains and gusty winds to the area on Thursday into Friday.  Rainfall will be the major issue with Erin.  Isolated areas could receive more than 100 mm in 24 hours.

As always, with any storm, be prepared for extended power outages and have on hand what you will need for several days without services.  Make sure your property is clear of any debris that could become airborne.

  • Strong gusty winds are expected to accompany Erin, but will likely not reach warning status, but will likely still cause isolated power outages especially since trees are still in full leaf.
  • Rainfall is expected to meet or exceed warning status with 50 mm being foretasted in less than 24 hours.  Isolated areas could receive more than 100 mm.  Details will be more exact as the system approaches the area.
  • At this time given the intensity of the storm, significant storm serge and coastal impact from high waves and surf isn’t very likely, but to the right of the storms track higher than normal water levels could be expected.  This will be monitored as the storm develops and tracks closer to Nova Scotia.
  • Gale warnings will likely be issued close to Erin`s track as she enters our waters Thursday and Friday.  Storm force winds are not expected at this time.

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