Toronto’s Mayor Doesn’t Say Stay The Blazes Home… Suggests Staying The F*** Home

Toronto’s Mayor this week took the Nova Scotia Premier’s playbook and basically ripped it up. He said people have suggested to him that he needs to be more blunt and put an F-bomb in his staying home message.

As of January 14, the city of Toronto had 8,560 active cases. In comparison Nova Scotia has had 1,550 cases since the pandemic began

Stephen McNeil, Premier of Nova Scotia coined the popular phrase “stay the blazes home” during Nova Scotia’s first wave of the pandemic and it took off like a wildfire.

“”It is frustrating, and without making any light of this at all, I’ve had people suggest that if I put an F-bomb in the middle of the sentence saying ‘stay home’ that this would maybe get people’s attention because it’s a very simple message, really,” said John Tory, Toronto Mayor, during a press conference this week.

Almost every Nova Scotian has listened to the warning of “stay the blazes home”, resulting in the relatively safe place we currently find our province.

Of course, along with any good catch phrase comes the merchandise. There were candles and even shower curtains. Most importantly, there was the clothing. A t-shirt printed by My Home Apparel in Truro raised over $100,000 for charity.

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