Top 12 Items Every Nova Scotian Should Have

Nova Scotia is home to many unique items. But we’ve put together a list of the Top 12 Items Every Nova Scotian Should Have. Think of it as your Nova Scotia survival guide.  It’s full of quirky Nova Scotia items.

#1 Doers’ & Dreamers’ Guide

The Nova Scotia Doers' & Dreamers' Guide used to be a staple around Nova Scotia. Filled with adventure and things to dream about and do in the province. Since the internet took over, they aren't distributed like they used to be.

You can still request one on Tourism Nova Scotia's website. It's a great guide to have on hand to plan your Nova Scotia adventures.

#2 Lobster Crackers

Whether it's for a holiday or just-because feast in the summer, lobster crackers are much needed utility in Nova Scotia. They help you crack them lobster claws to get at the Nova Scotia delicacy.

#3 Sobey’s Bag Supply

Although now phased out, everyone still has a few of these kicking around. They're a hot commodity online with a few people even selling them as antiques.

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