Tired Of Receiving Flyers? We Have A Solution For That!

Many may not know that Halifax has passed a by-law banning the delivery of flyers onto properties displaying the city’s no flyer by-law sign.  Anyone else in the province wishing not to receive flyers can contact the primary distributor of flyers, Saltwire Network, the owner of The Chronicle Herald.  Their numbers are: 902-426-3031 or 1-800-426-3031.

Halifax residents, you can print the sign here. Or, you can can receive a sticker of the sign at any of the following recreations centres:

  • Captain William Spry
  • Citadel Community Centre
  • Findlay Community Centre
  • Tallahassee Community Centre
  • Cole Harbour Recreation Centre
  • North Preston Community Centre
  • Lakeside Community Centre
  • LeBrun Centre
  • Gordon R Snow Recreation Centre
  • Musquodoboit Valley Recreation Office
  • Sheet Harbour Recreation Office

Distributors can’t legally deliver flyers to properties displaying the sign or sticker.  If you do display the sign and flyers are delivered you can contact 311 to report a violation.  Companies can be charged a non compliance fine of $250 and the individual contractor can be fined $25.

The Cape Breton Regional Municipality is currently working on putting forth a similar by-law to that of Halifax.

What do you think?

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