This Is How Your Local Riding Is Leaning Or Projected To Vote Today In The Federal Election

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In what is believed to be an election too close to call, here is how Nova Scotia ridings are projected to be trending.

The following data is taken from which is managed by P.J.Fournier a political contributer for Maclean’s Magazine. He also comments on polls and politics for CTV.

A few ridings to watch according to include Sydney-Victoria where incumbent Jamie Battiste is projected to be trailing Conservative candidate Eddie Orrell who the riding is leaning towards.

South Shore – St. Margaret is a toss-up. Incumbent Bernadette Jordan who served as Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadians Coast Guard is in a battle for votes with Conservative candidate Rick Perkins so much so it’s a toss-up.

The riding of Halifax is another toss-up. Liberal incumbent, Andy Fillmore is looking to keep the seat but is being challenged strongly by NDP candidate Lisa Roberts.

Cape Breton – Canso

This riding is leaning towards Liberal candidate Mike Kelloway. The Conservatives and candidate Fiona MacLeod are projected to be running in second.

Central Nova

Central Nova is a large riding that stretches from the Northumberland shore to the Atlantic Ocean. Liberal candidate Sean Fraser is likely to be re-elected. Projected to be running second is Steven Cotter of the Conservative Party.


This riding is a toss-up between Liberal candidate Lenore Zann and Conservative candidate Stephen Ellis.

Dartmouth–Cole Harbour

Dartmouth-Cole Harbour is likely to remain Liberal with candidate Darren Fisher returning to Ottawa. Projected to be running second is NDP candidate Kevin Payne.


Incumbent Liberal candidate Andy Fillmore is in a battle for this riding with NDP candidate Lisa Roberts. It’s a toss-up as to who will take the riding of Halifax.

Halifax West

The riding of Halifax West is projected to be safe for Liberal candidate Lena Diab.


Kings-Hants is projected to be safe for Liberal candidate Kody Blois.


This riding is projected to likely elect Liberal candidate Darrell Samson. Projected to be running in second is NDP candidate Jenna Chisholm.

South Shore–St. Margarets

Another riding that is a toss-up is that of South Shore-St. Margarets. Incumbent Bernadette Jordan who served as Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard is in a fight with Conservative candidate Rick Perkins.


This is another riding to watch. The riding is leaning Conservative for Eddie Orrell. Incumbent Liberal Jamie Battiste is projected to be trailing.

West Nova

Another toss-up between an incumbent Conservative candidate, Chris d’Entremont and Liberal candidate Alxys Chamberlain.

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