There Was Record Breaking Heat Today – How Hot? This Iconic Ice Cream Hut Had To Close

Today was one for the record books. It was the hottest July 29th on record in the Halifax Metro area since records began to be kept in 1909 at Shearwater. Halifax Stanfield also recorded the warmest July 29th since records began.

Shearwater reached a record breaking 29.7 degrees and it felt like 37.8 degrees. Halifax Stanfield reached 31 degrees and felt like 39.2 degrees.

Some Nova Scotia communities even exchanged hottest locations in Canada at some points.

In fact, it was so hot in the Halifax area that the iconic Cow’s Ice Cream hut on the Halifax waterfront closed due to heat.

(Right) Cow’s Ice Cream – Facebook

Nova Scotia isn’t due to to see a break in the heat until Friday and there is a heat warning issued tonight into Thursday.

Be sure to stay hydrated and do outdoor activities during the cooler times of day.

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