The Top 5 Ways To Save Up To 25% On Your Fuel Consumption In Nova Scotia

One thing we can all agree on, is no one is ever happy with high gas prices. Gas prices have reached record levels and everyone is looking for ways to save. Here are the top five ways up to 25% on your fuel consumption in Nova Scotia

1. Accelerate gently

When you’re 60 years old and that 16-year-old pulls up next to you in Antigonish or any town with their beat up Honda and the loud muffler, don’t feel the need to race him. You can be as fuel-efficient as possible when you take five seconds to accelerate your vehicle to 20 km/h from a stop.

2. Avoid high speeds

This is the one Nova Scotians tend to ignore even when the price of gas is almost two quarters and a toonie. Slow down for God’s sake. You burn about 20% more fuel going 120 km/h on the 100-series highways than when you’re travel 100 km/h. You might arrive a couple minutes sooner and likely get stuck at the next construction site with buddy you just passed.

3. Maintain a steady speed

When you’re trying to get to Cape Breton for the weekend use your cruise control. Don’t make a last dash for the Causeway to beat the red light when you see that ship coming. With speed dips and bursts, you use more fuel and you will spend more money. Varying your speed up and down between 75 and 85 km per hour every 18 seconds can increase your fuel use by 20%.

Keep in mind, when you’re heading up Mt. Thom or any hill allow your speed to drop when going up, then regain your momentum as you roll downhill.

4. Anticipate traffic

Keep a comfortable distance between yourself and other vehicles. When you see buddy coming in the rear-view like they’re being chased by the Mounties you won’t have to brake then accelerate again because you couldn’t pass the vehicle in front of you.

5. Coast to decelerate

They say there are two seasons in Nova Scotia. Pothole season and construction season. When you see that orange sign saying there’s a stop for construction coming up, avoid using your brakes. By looking ahead at traffic behaviours you can see well in advance when it’s time to slow down. You will save money by taking your foot off the gas and coasting to a stop rather than braking in the last few seconds. Same goes for red lights in town. When you see one coming, decelerate rather than braking in the last few seconds.

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