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The Royal Canadian Air Force Snowbirds To Perform In The Skies Over Nova Scotia This Weekend

The Royal Canadian Air Force’s Snowbirds will be in the skies over Nova Scotia this coming weekend.

Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau announced the Snowbirds will be kicking off a cross-country salute to Canadians and as a thank you to those fighting the COVID-19 battle. This unique mission is named Operation Inspiration.

They have decided to kick off the show in Nova Scotia and we can’t think of a better place to do so after the tragedy we have experienced lately.

The fly over will be on Sunday. The Snowbirds will release anticipated locations, routes, and times on their social media platforms soon.

“As we watch the Snowbirds fly over our homes, let’s remember we are all in this together”, said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday

The Snowbirds encourage Canadians to observe the flyovers from the safety of their home and refrain from travelling to see the flyovers. They ask you to maintain physical distancing practices that are keeping us all safe.

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