Dr. Lisa Barrett Says A Lot More In Hospital Affected By COVID-19 Than The Official Number (VIDEO)

A lot of people are talking about Dr. LIsa Barrett’s interview on CTV News at 6 yesterday with Bruce Frisko.

Dr. Lisa Barrett is an infectious disease specialist and says that the number of people in Nova Scotia hospitals that are COVID-19 positive is a lot higher than the official number of 50 or 60. It’s more like 170 according to her. She said she would leave it up to Nova Scotia Health to release the actual number.

WATCH: Dr. Lisa Barrett speaks with Bruce Frisko of CTV

Around 600 health professionals are currently off the job in Nova Scotia due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With the health system under strain Dr. Lisa Barrett says that we must slow the number of infections we’re seeing in order to provide care to Nova Scotians.

She says in order to have a healthcare system that can address COVID-19 and other health issues, we must address transmission now. According to her we do not have the capacity to look after everyone at once. She says slowing transmission is not a tomorrow suggestion, it is a today suggestion.

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