The B’ys In Newfoundland Got A Ton Of Snow (PHOTOS)

Reminiscent of Nova Scotia’s White Juan, Newfoundland just got pounded by mother nature and received howling winds and over 70 cm of snow. A woman in labor was even dropped off at the hospital in St. John’s on a ski-doo by her husband. An avalanche occurred in the St. John’s neighbourhood of Battery.

St. John’s International Airport reported receiving 76.2 cm of snow, but areas including the City of St. John’s reportedly received more. A state of emergency was put in place and remains active to keep residents safe. The Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador said, “It was one for the history books.”

We’ve compiled some of the best photos, videos and tweets for you.

This guy was way too honest… the joy of live TV.

The Newfoundland colours raised in the middle of the storm.

Time-lapse video of the storm.

The avalanche in St. John’s.  Some residents were eventuated.

Pictures from the avalanche in the Outer Battery. If anyone is still there please listen to evacuation orders and stay safe. from newfoundland

Where’d you go?

This was no joke!

That’s a lot of snow!

No snowplow for miles.

At least the ski-doo club is having fun.

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