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STFX Students Jump On Top Of Ambulance In Video While Paramedics Respond To Call

Things got out of hand at St. FX University with two young men, reportedly students, being cheered on while on top of an EHS ambulance. (Photo: Snapchat)

The union which represents paramedics in the province is calling the actions of some who are reportedly St. FX students thoughtless, inconsiderate and potentially dangerous to themselves, their paramedics and patients. They are calling on St. Francis Xavier University to look into the matter and discipline those involved.

According to the statement released by The Union, an incident occurred this past weekend at St. Francis Xavier University while paramedics were on scene to respond to a call. In the video shared on social media, two young men can be seen climbing on top of the ambulance while a crowd of onlookers cheer them on. Also in the video is a filter for MacIsaac Hall which reads “Welcome To The Jungle.”

The release went on to strongly condemn the behavior of the individuals involved.

“What if paramedics had been in the ambulance treating a patient? Many procedures can be delicate and require a steady hand – rocking and shaking of the vehicle can cause serious harm.” said the Union in the release.

The statement goes on to say minutes and seconds can be the difference between life and death. Waiting for inconsiderate party-goers to remove themselves from the ambulance could’ve cost valuable life-saving time.

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