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SPOILER: Nova Scotia’s MacDonald Family Appears On Family Feud Canada

The MacDonald family of Antigonish and New Glasgow appeared on Family Feud Canada tonight and did their communities, St. FX University and province proud.

Host, Gerry Dee, was very welcoming to the MacDonald’s as a few of them were sporting his alma mater’s X-Ring

During the first round they attempted to steal the points from the Hale Family of Medicine Hat, Alberta and had to answer, “If people could have spare body parts, name something you wouldn’t mind having extra of?” Unfortunately it didn’t happen.

In the second round they stole the points from the Hale Family by answering “toothpaste” to “Name something people squeeze?” This gave them a slight lead at half time.

They began the third round by ringing in first by answering “money” to “Name something a Las Vegas casino would hate to run out of?” They nearly swept the entire board and lead the game even more.

In the third round the Hale Family swept the board on with the question “Name something you would do if you were imitating a cat?”

In the Sudden Death round, the MacDonald’s didn’t ring in soon enough to say that swiss cheese was the number one cheese with holes in it.

You can watch the full episode featuring the MacDonald family on CBC Gem.

The MacDonald’s are the second family from Nova Scotia to appear after the Nahas family of Halifax made an appearance on an earlier episode.

Stay tuned until March when the Samson family of Bras d’Or, Cape Breton makes their appearance and attempts to be the first Nova Scotia family to win on Family Feud Canada!

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