Smith-McCrossin Supporters Crash Liberal Announcement About Cobequid Pass Tolls

Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin supporters are seen behind Premier Iain Rankin at an announcement in Amherst today. – Twitter

Premier Iain Rankin along with Liberal candidate Bill Casey were in Amherst today to announce the Liberal campaign promise to remove tolls from the Cobequid Pass for Nova Scotia passenger vehicles on October 1, 2021. Tolls will remain for commercial and out of province vehicles.

In attendance were supporters of Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin, the former PC party member who is running as an Independent in this election. Smith-McCrossin had called for the blockade of Highway 104.

The Premier sometimes struggled to be heard over the Smith-McCrossin supporters who could be heard in the background and eventually moved behind the Premier for media to see.

Iain Rankin – Twitter

When the Premier thanked residents of Cumberland County for the sacrifices they made during the pandemic, replies of “bullshit” could be heard from Smith-McCrossin supporters.

“During the third wave, Nova Scotians worked hard to keep each other safe. It was a particularly tough time for people near the New Brunswick border.” said Iain Rankin.

“Removing tolls on the Cobequid Pass is one way to make it easier for Nova Scotians to reconnect with the relationships that matter most to them.”

Rankin said that no jobs would be cut due to the removal of tolls for passenger vehicles with Nova Scotia license plates.

Drivers from outside Nova Scotia and commercial vehicles will continue to pay tolls. The revenue collected will be used for ongoing highway maintenance and for rest stops.

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