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Shocking: How Much More You’ll Pay Saturday At The Pumps + ANOTHER Increase Next Friday

JULY 1 Gas Price Adjustments
Regular self-serve: UP 16.7 ¢/L = 165.6 ¢/L
Diesel self-serve: UP 20.3 ¢/L = 158.6 ¢/L


It’s well known news that a carbon tax is about to be applied to the price of gasoline and diesel at Nova Scotia gas stations. What is less known news, Nova Scotians are also being hit with a “clean fuel adjuster”.

The Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board has just announced exactly how much the price of gas and diesel will rise on Saturday, July 1, 2023.

The charges will be added to the price of both gasoline and diesel. The amount added in a fuel charge (carbon tax) is 14.31 cents per litre for gasoline and 17.38 cents per litre for diesel.

Next Friday, when the price of fuel is adjusted again, there will be a “clean fuel adjuster” of 3.74 cents per litre for gasoline and a 4.17 cents per litre for diesel added to prices.

After the carbon tax and clean fuel adjuster, by Friday, July 7, Nova Scotians will be paying 18.05 cents per litre more for gasoline and 21.55 cents per litre more for diesel.

The NSUARB will issue their usual weekly price changes for gasoline and diesel later this week. Then, the carbon tax charges will come into effect at midnight on Thursday. The clean fuels adjustor will not be added until next week’s price changes.

Households in Nova Scotia can expect to receive quarterly pollution price rebates called Climate Action Incentive payments. A family of four can expect to receive four $234 payments per year from the federal government.

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