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She Did It! Nova Scotia’s Mattea Roach Defeats Last Season’s Jeopardy Super Champs Amy Schneider And Matt Amodio

Tuesday night’s episode of Jeopardy saw Nova Scotia’s Mattea Roach return to the Alex Trebek Stage and face-off against last season’s other two super champions, Amy Schneider and Matt Amodio.

Photo: Jeopardy (Twitter)

This was a friendly exhibition match between Jeopardy’s three best from last season. All three have been given byes into the semifinals of the Tournament of Champions which just completed its quarterfinal round.

No prize money was at stake in tonight’s game which saw Mattea trailing her competitors after the first Jeopardy round. A special tribute category to Alex Trebek was included in the round. It was very fitting as today was the second anniversary of his passing.

In Double Jeopardy, Mattea took charge, finding one of the Daily Doubles and ending the round in a position where she couldn’t be caught in Final Jeopardy.

Mattea was the only contestant to correctly answer Final Jeopardy. She wagered $0 in the runaway match and defeated her fellow Super Champions from last season.

We will see Mattea play again when she takes her place on stage to face Jeopardy champions from last season, Eric Ahasic and Andrew He. If Mattea wins that game she moves onto the final of the Tournament of Champions, possibly facing Amy Schneider or Matt Amodio, or both again.

Final Jeopardy Clue:

The 3 elements whose names begin with 2 vowels are iodine & these 2, one synthetic & one natural.

Correct Response:

What are Einsteinium & Europium?

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