Robert Pattinson’s Pastime In Nova Scotia Involved Adult Stores

While filming The Lighthouse around Yarmouth and Cape Forchu, Robert Pattinson tells Late Night With Seth Myers that his pastime involved reading Yelp and Facebook reviews for two adult themed stores in Yarmouth.

The Lighthouse features Pattinson and Willem Defoe. Pattinson describers Cape Forchu as a small fishing community in Nova Scotia.

When asked what he did in Nova Scotia for two months when he wasn’t filming he said, “Well, I found it kind of unusual there were two pretty highly frequented sex shops… and I sort of passed the time by looking at Yelp reviews. And so many people used to write these Yelp reviews and this is a town of maybe 400 people or a little more but I could meet these people in the local shops if I wanted to.”

For the record, Yarmouth has a population of about 6,500.

He also goes onto say that the yellow fisherman outfits he wore while in Nova Scotia didn’t work for him when he got home to Los Angeles.

See the full interview here:

Although Pattinson doesn’t mention Halifax, we know he was spotted in and around the city numerous times while filming in Nova Scotia.

There is also a photo of Willem Defoe that went viral around the province. Pancake mix is such a hard decision! Isn’t it, Willem?

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