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RIP Aunt Barb: The REAL Story Of The Chace The Ace Winner

Barbara Reddick, a Canadian hero known for her selfless service to her country, passed away May 15, 2023, leaving behind a legacy that extends far beyond the controversial Chase the Ace lottery dispute that gained media attention. As family, friends, and community members mourn her loss, they reflect on her remarkable contributions to society and her unwavering dedication as a military veteran.

Barbara, lovingly called Barb, was born into the Reddick family, where she grew up surrounded by love and a strong sense of community. Following in the footsteps of her father and siblings, she embarked on a distinguished military career, dedicating 23 years of her life to serving Canada. Her commitment led her to undertake two tours as a peacekeeper, where she exemplified bravery, compassion, and a true sense of duty.

The Reddick Family from Glace Bay had a strong desire to serve their country. Bill Reddick, Jim Reddick, Jackie Reddick, Barb Reddick and Doreen Reddick. Photo: Facebook

While Barb’s military service defined a significant part of her life, her impact extended well beyond her time in uniform. She was deeply involved in her community, particularly in Guysborough and Glace Bay. Known for her love of children, Barb took on a motherly role to many youngsters, becoming a trusted and caring figure in their lives. Holidays were special to her, and she delighted in creating treats for children to give away. On Halloween, she went the extra mile, providing generously filled treat bags, complete with fireworks, ensuring that no child was left out.

Barb’s profound compassion and desire to help others inspired her to establish the Hampers of Hope initiative. Originally focused on assisting veterans in the Guysborough area, the organization grew and later expanded its reach to support needy families in both Guysborough and Glace Bay. Through her involvement in various community organizations, such as the Upper Big Tracadie Seniors Action Club, the Tracadie United Baptist Church Ladies Auxiliary, and the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 81 Guysborough, Barb continuously demonstrated her commitment to improving the lives of others. She actively supported the Men’s Brotherhood and dedicated herself to student fundraisers across the region, embodying the spirit of community engagement and philanthropy.

Although Barb’s incredible service and dedication to her country and community were widely recognized, the media attention surrounding the controversial Chase the Ace lottery threatened to overshadow her legacy. Barb and her nephew, Tyrone MacInnis, found themselves at the center of a dispute over the division of a substantial $1.2 million prize. While organizers decided to split the prize equally between the two names on the ticket, Barb expressed her intention to take legal action, claiming that she never intended to share the jackpot with her nephew because she only put Tyrone’s name on the ticket for good luck.

The chase the ace dispute was settled with Barb receiving the majority of the winnings.

Despite the unfortunate controversy surrounding the lottery, those who knew Barb best emphasize that her legacy should not be defined by this singular event. They urge everyone to remember her as a compassionate individual, a revered veteran, and a pillar of her community. Barb’s unwavering dedication to serving others, her deep love for children, and her significant contributions to various causes are the true hallmarks of her life.

As family, friends, and community members bid farewell to Barb, they celebrate her as a Canadian hero whose selflessness and commitment to others will forever be etched in their hearts. While the Chase the Ace dispute captured headlines, it is Barb’s exemplary military service, her compassionate nature, and her indomitable spirit that will continue to inspire and shape her enduring legacy.

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