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Record Breaker: Gasoline’s Price Is About To Soar Sky High Tonight And Pass $1.90 Per Litre

Get ready for yet another hit on your pocket book. Nova Scotia motorists are advised that the price of gas will be increasing tonight to over $1.90 per litre.

Gasoline is currently priced at a minimum of 179.8 cents per litre in the Halifax area and is more expensive the farther you are from the city.

The price of regular self-serve gas will climb 11.1 cents per litre at midnight and diesel will decrease by 5.6 cents per litre.

Gasoline will soar to a minimum 190.9 cents per litre in the Halifax area and be even higher outside of the city. Diesel will be priced at 241.3 cents per litre. This sets another all time price record for gasoline in Nova Scotia.

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