RCMP Musical Ride Auctioning Off Horses Through Government Surplus Sale

The RCMP have been breeding horses for over 80 years. If you’re serious and in the market for a fine retired RCMP Musical Ride horse, this could be your opportunity.

Since 1995, horses that don’t meet the strict requirements of the Musical Ride have been sold at auction about every two years.

From October 5 – 23, GCSurplus will be hosting the 2020 auction. Felina, Kimmy and up to twelve other Musical Ride horses will be up for auction. The starting price is set high to attract serious bidders only and you must register in advance to bid.

The RCMP Musical Ride (Adobe Stock)

According to the RCMP, these horses are excellent for equitation disciplines, such as dressage and show jumping.

Proceeds from the sale of the horses are invested directly back into the Musical Ride Program.

According to the Musical Ride’s website, the lifespan of a Musical Ride horse is roughly 20 – 25 years and they change roles as they age.

From birth to age three the horses are at the Musical Ride’s farm located in Pakenham, Ontario, where they grow and develop.

Age three to six the horses move to the Musical Ride’s stables where they undergo training and development for a minimum of three years.

Age six and on if they meet requirements of size, colour, rideability and temperament, they can perform in the RCMP Musical Ride for around ten years.

When their career is over, they train future riders and perform in local ceremonial duties.

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