Price of Gas Going Up Across Nova Scotia At Midnight Tonight – Here’s What To Expect

The prices of gasoline and diesel are set to rise in Nova Scotia when the Utility and Review Board set their new prices at midnight.

Here’s our tip if you like saving every penny… shop around! Just just because the price is regulated doesn’t mean stations can’t set different prices.

Many stations, especially in the Halifax area have been setting their pumps higher than the regulated minimum price. These stations are pricing at the maximum price.

Nova Scotians waking up tomorrow can expect to pay 5 cents per litre more for regular gasoline and 5.9 cents more for diesel according to our estimates.

The new minimum price for regular gasoline in Halifax will be approximately 84.9 cents per litre. The price of diesel will be approximately 76.8 cents.

Areas outside of the city like Yarmouth, Amherst, Antigonish and Sydney can expect to pay slightly more.

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