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Premier Houston Condemns Protests Outside Personal Residence Of Dr. Strang “We’ve Reached A New Low…”

In a video posted to Twitter, Premier of Nova Scotia, Tim Houston called out protestors who took to the home of Nova Scotia’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Robert Strang.

In the video he says we have reached a new low taking to the home of Dr. Strang. Premier Houston says there is a place to protest, but it isn’t hospitals where loved ones come for treatment and have family members dying and makes it clear that protesting at Dr. Strang’s personal residence has crossed a line.

“There isn’t language harsh enough to condemn these actions.” said Premier Houston. “Dr. Strang has worked tirelessly for the last 19 months keeping Nova Scotians safe. Even those who choose not to protect others through vaccination.”

“To those of you protesting, your views and opinions belong to you. You are doing this for yourselves. The doctor who keeps us all safe and healthy is doing his job for all of us. His home, our hospitals are not the place for political protests.”

Premier Houston concludes his statement by telling those protesting that they’re more than welcome in front of the legislature or his office and encouraged them to grow up and think of others.

What do you think?

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