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Possible Weather Bomb For Nova Scotia On Sunday

Canada’s Weather Network is keeping a close eye on a potential major winter storm for Nova Scotia on the coming weekend. If some forecast models are correct this storm will affect the area on Saturday into Sunday with lingering affects into Monday.

The exact track around Nova Scotia is uncertain at the moment, but Weather Network Meteorologist, Dr. Doug Gilham says “This storm will bring a swath of heavy snow, between 20-40+ cm, and strong winds to parts of the Maritimes to the west of the track of the low. A messy mix of snow, ice and rain is expected to the east of the system.”

The track of the system is going to determine how it affects Nova Scotia. The European weather models have it bringing significant snow to the province. It’s a system we all must watch for the potential to exceed weather bomb status.

Cape Breton’s own amateur weatherman, Frankie MacDonald has also released his latest forecast for Sunday and it isn’t pretty.

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