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Pierre Poilievre To Visit Nova Scotia When It Benefits Him Most – Carbon Tax Eve

The carbon tax at Nova Scotia’s gas pumps comes into effect on Friday night at midnight. Nova Scotians are in for big increase at the pumps on Saturday morning.

Households in Nova Scotia can expect to receive quarterly pollution price rebates called Climate Action Incentive payments. A family of four can expect to receive four $234 payments per year from the federal government.

According to a press release from the Conservative Party of Canada, Pierre Poilievre is set to visit Nova Scotia communities including Halifax on Thursday, June 29. The well-timed visit comes just before the implementation of the price increase at Nova Scotia gas stations.

According to the federal government, all proceeds from the federal fuel charge are returned to their jurisdiction of origin.

“Ninety percent of direct proceeds from the federal fuel charge will be returned to individuals and families, and residents of small and rural communities are entitled to a 10 percent supplement beyond the base amount, in recognition of their increased energy needs and reduced access to cleaner transportation options, such as public transportation.” said Environment and Climate Change Canada today in a release. “The remaining 10 percent of the proceeds will go to small and medium-sized businesses and Indigenous groups.”

Poilievre will hold a press conference in Halifax at 11:00 A.M. Thursday morning.

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