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People Are Calling Out NBC After They Called Nova Scotia Jeopardy! Champ “Lesbian Tutor” – The Internet Is Mad

Nova Scotia Jeopardy! Champion, Mattea Roach ranks number 10 for all time regular play Jeopardy! earnings and has qualified for the Tournament of Champions. It is quite the achievement and people on the internet are fuming after NBC made a tweet not naming Mattea Roach, but calling her a “23 year-old lesbian tutor…”

Reception to the tweet has been less than positive. One person on Twitter pointed out that they never once heard NBC News report on the “Totally straight Ken Jennings”.

Twitter user Shaw Micallef poked fun at NBC and interpreted the tweet as Mattea helps lesbians with their studies

Another person pointed out that it was bizarre for NBC to include her sexual orientation in their tweet.

Tune in tonight to see how Mattea Roach fairs in her eighteenth Jeopardy! game.

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