NS Gov’t Takes Credit For Something Teachers Have Been Providing For Years

Last week The Nova Scotia Government announced to much fanfare they would be providing pads and tampons to students in schools with grades 4 and above.  In a series of tweets between an educator and the Nova Scotia Department of Education and Early Childhood Development it has become known that the funds for these products will come from existing school budgets, something that according to teachers is already stretched too thin.

An educator on Facebook with the name Kara said, “So, for years I have kept a stash of a variety of products girls would need to use for their periods in my office at work. As a teacher, it’s what we do. And it’s our own money that we spend to keep these on hand. Every year I have young girls who approach me because they need something. I was excited when the NS govt announced they would be providing schools with these products so young women wouldn’t have to worry about being surprised at school. But a much smarter colleague of mine decided to contact the govt to see where exactly the money is coming from. Please read the Twitter conversation I post below. There is no more money being allowed for this. It falls back on schools to use their already ridiculously stretched budgets. The govt is taking credit for something we’ve been doing (and paying for) for years. Please don’t be fooled by a conveniently timed spin campaign.”

Schools with lower socioeconomic situations would be the ones that would benefit the most from this program.  It has been noted within online comments by teachers that these schools already help less fortunate students in need of various educational resources from their budgets, leaving even less money to go around now that this program has been introduced.

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