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Nova Scotia’s State Of Emergency: What it means for you

Nova Scotia has declared a state of emergency and a lot of Nova Scotians are wondering what it means to them. States of emergencies can be declared for a specific geographical portion of the province or province wide. The minister responsible for emergency management declares it. It’s valid for 14 days and can be renewed.

Reasons States Of Emergency Are Declared

It gives the government the authority to do what’s necessary for the safety of people and the protection of property and the environment.

Specifically, it allows authorities to:

  • control or prohibit travel
  • enter homes and buildings without warrant
  • order evacuations
  • confiscate property
  • order assistance

Nova Scotia will be monitoring its borders. This means the border with New Brunswick, the Marine Atlantic ferries in North Sydney and Bay Ferries in Digby. As well as the airports like Halifax Stanfield which has flights arriving from outside of province. Anyone entering will be ordered to self isolate for 14 days.

What Citizens Need To Do

During a state of emergency, you need to listen to direction given by authorities. You also need to obey orders given by the Government of Nova Scotia or a municipality.

In this case it would be not to gather in groups larger than five while still maintaining social distancing. It also means to isolate for 14 days upon arrival in Nova Scotia from another province or country.

Fines for individuals found to be disregarding the orders are $1,000 per day and for businesses $7500 per day.

No Inflation Or Gouging On Essential Items And Services

It is an offence to inflate the price of essential items and services during a state of emergency. This includes items like water, food, clothing, essential equipment and medical supplies.

If you have been the victim of gouging, keep your receipts and contact the police to report any suspected case of price inflation during a state of emergency.

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Nova Scotia Declares State of Emergency

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