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Nova Scotians Can Stream, Borrow Magazines And E-Books From Halifax Public Libraries Website, For Free

A lot of Nova Scotians are at home and looking to entertain themselves during these uncertain times. We don’t know how long we may be asked to stay in our homes so why not curl up with a digital book, magazine or other resource from Halifax Public Libraries. Yes, you can even stream movies with this!

Any Nova Scotian can take advantage of this great free resource.  You can sign up for an e-library card on their web site which will give you access to millions of titles to choose from. Sign up for a e-library card here and start browsing, reading and streaming right away.

In fact, you can sign out digital items from many other local libraries as well. You will have to check their websites to see what services they offer.

For instance, the Cape Breton Regional Library allows users to sign out digital items, but you have to already have a library card.  They don’t have e-library cards at the moment.

This is a great resource and we hope you can take advantage of it.

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