Nova Scotia Reporting 24 Deaths In Weekly COVID-19 Report – “Peak Of Sixth Wave Is Behind Us” (Thursday, April 28, 2022)

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The data in this week’s COVID-19 epidemiologic summary shows a marked decrease in new cases compared to the previous seven-day period. However, hospital admissions in Nova Scotia have increased since the last report and there are 24 new deaths due to COVID-19.

“The data this week on PCR-confirmed infections suggest the peak of the sixth wave is behind us,” said Dr. Shelley Deeks, Nova Scotia’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer of Health. “While the increase in hospitalizations and deaths is not unexpected, they are not insignificant, either. Behind each of these 24 COVID-19 deaths is a family grieving an incalculable loss. It is those families and those loved ones that we should keep in mind. That’s why we get vaccinated. That’s why we wear a mask. That’s why we stay home when we’re sick.”

Public health began reporting on the sixth wave this week. The fifth wave now includes data from December 8, 2021, to February 28, 2022. The sixth wave begins March 1, 2022. Some data are still presented from December 8, 2021, to present, including hospitalization and death rates by age group.

Age groups have been updated in the epidemiologic summary to better align with vaccine rollout. Hospitalizations are now reported in four groups – under 18, 18 to 49, 50 to 69, and 70 and over. Deaths are reported in three groups – under 50, 50 to 69 and 70 and over.

The weekly COVID-19 epidemiologic summary is prepared for the Chief Medical Officer of Health and his team to inform the province’s response to the pandemic. It tracks weekly trends and is focused on monitoring for severe outcomes in key populations.

For the seven-day period ending April 25:

  • there were 5,436 new PCR-confirmed cases
  • there were 91 new hospitalizations due to COVID-19
  • there were 24 COVID-19 deaths reported in Panorama, public health’s disease information system.

Since the start of the fifth wave (December 8, 2021):

  • the median age of PCR-confirmed cases of COVID-19 is 42
  • the median age of hospitalizations is 71
  • the median age of reported deaths is 80
  • more than 53 per cent of hospitalizations and 80 per cent of reported deaths are in adults 70 years of age and older.

As of April 27, 64.7 per cent of Nova Scotians 18 and older have received at least one booster dose.

The report is posted on government’s coronavirus website at:

The public dashboard will continue to be updated weekly until the end of May.

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