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Nova Scotia Pilot Does It Again – This Time In Honour Of Truro’s Three Year Old, Dylan Ehler

Nova Scotia pilot, Dimitri Neonakis has done it again. He took off from Halifax Stanfield this morning and wrote in the skies over the province.

Neonakis wrote the name “Dylan” in the skies over Truro.

He set a course for Truro and with his single-engine airplane wrote the name Dylan in the sky with the path of his plane. This was in honour of three year old Dylan Ehler from Truro who has been missing since last Wednesday.

Neonakis said in a Facebook post, “I had a child gone missing before – the feeling still haunts me. This flight I had to do and I still hold out a glimmer of hope for little Dylan”

Another view of Neonakis’ writing in honour of Dylan Ehler.

Neonakis became familiar with Nova Scotians when he drew a heart in the sky with the course of his plane over Portapique. It brought joy to the hearts of Nova Scotians after the shooting that took 22 lives from the province.

Neonakis’ flight path over Portapique after the shooting.

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